CoroCoro Comic: Mewtwo Strikes Back prequel manga

As discussed in more depth on the Mewtwo's Origin: Introduction page, Toshihiro Ono was tasked with inventing and telling his own version of Mewtwo's backstory in the form of the Mewtwo Strikes Back prequel manga, which was released in the July 15, 1998 issue of CoroCoro Comic, a few days before the movie premiered in Japanese theaters. This manga has never been re-released, it was never localized into other languages, and this version of the story has never been adapted into any other media. So, at this point, it is rare, out-of-print, and never officially translated.

Our old pal PeanutButterMewtwo, who now goes by Megan, was gifted a copy of this rare manga by Wiseabsol. Megan got it translated and created this wonderful scanlation, so that we can finally read this rare comic in English. We are cross-posting it here on Copy Cat with Megan's permission. Each two-page spread reads right-to-left.

Down in this page you can also see the unedited scans in Japanese.


Original Japanese