Cultural Differences

Mewtwo Myuutsuu

Myuutsuu is the Japanese counterpart of Mewtwo. As you would expect, being the same character, they are very similar. However, there are a few cultural differences.

This page will discuss the differences that occurred when the same story was translated, dubbed, or adapted into a different language (primarily focusing on English, since it is the version I am most familiar with. Plus, other languages mostly used the English version as the source, rather than the original Japanese). I will differentiate between the Japanese characters and the dub counterparts by using the Japanese and the English names, respectively.

General Differences

Mewtwo Strikes Back

The Birth of Mewtwo

The only version of The Birth of Mewtwo that was released outside of Japan was the animated addition to the beginning of Mewtwo Strikes Back; the manga tie in and the CD Drama remained Japanese exclusive. These origin stories contrast strongly with each other, and while this is moreso a matter of different canons than different cultures, if you stick strictly to media released in English, Mewtwo can only draw from this one backstory, whereas Myuutsuu can draw from three. This necessarily makes Mewtwo's character a bit shallower, as fewer aspects of the character could be explored in just the one version of the story, but when talking about Myuutsuu, aspects of all three versions can come into play. Another limitation for Mewtwo comes from the fact that the animated version of The Birth of Mewtwo, while by no means weak, is the most kid-friendly of the different versions of the story. Darker aspects of death, cloning, and obsession, strongly present in the other stories, were not so deeply explored in the animated version.

Japanese vs. English Birth of Mewtwo Animation

Mewtwo Returns

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