Pokémon Cards

Southern Islands Sky Postcard

My interest in Pokémon cards has always been in the art. I love how all the different illustrators use so many different styles and how their work reveals so much more about the Pokémon and their universe. Since I am no expert, I might accidentally have some inaccuracies below (please let me know!), and I certainly won't be providing you with information that would be at all helpful with winning tournaments (I've never actually played the game!). My goal with this gallery is to show you a chronological view of the card art of Mew and Mewtwo, so we can go oooo and aaah at all the sparkles and epic posing. I also have especially found it fascinating to learn which card art appeared only in Japan and which card art appeared only outside of Japan.

There are bigger versions of some of the card art below. You can click the images to see them at full size. If you want to see the whole card (hey, sometimes the art covers the whole card), you can also view it in Japanese or English with the respective links.

The packaging and promotional items relating to the Official Trading Card Game and other more-or-less official cards have their own gallery.

Official Trading Card Game