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The pages in this section focus on Mew and Mewtwo from the games. This is where you can find basic stuff like stats and PokéDex entries, and also retrospectives on Mew and Mewtwo's meta-roles in the Pokémon games and a deeper look at their designs, including early evolutionary theories, cryptids that turned out to be real, and the philosophy of alchemy... For now there are more pages about Mew than about Mewtwo, but I hope to do a similarly in-depth analysis of Mewtwo in the future.


Pokémon begins and ends with Mew. Game Freak designed Mew as the common ancestor of all Pokémon, but added it to the game at the last minute - the final, mysterious 151st entry in the original list of 150 Pokémon. Mew is flexible enough to do or become anything, strong enough to live forever, cute enough to win a place in our hearts. Mew is a deity, a phantom, a cryptid, a mirage.


Created by humans playing god with a god, Mewtwo is the Frankenstein's monster of the Pokémon world, a mutated form with only a vague resemblance to the source of its DNA, an untameable, brutal force, and the final challenge for any Pokémon Masters who dare to stumble upon its hiding place.