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This section is for all the fandom activities that go beyond the official and the canon. Sometimes it's good to not be so rigid, and it's important to just have fun!

  • Shippings, an important aspect of especially the early Pokémon fandom (and conversely, Pokémon shipping had a big impact on fandom in general). On this page, let's play matchmaker with Mew and Mewtwo!
  • Whoopsies, a collection of dubbing mistakes, plot holes, coloring errors, typos, and inconsistencies related to Mew and Mewtwo.
  • Bill's Secret Occupation, expanding from a Whoopsie above, this is my silly theory about why Bill has a carving of Mewtwo on his door.

Archived Pages

Please bear with some questionable formatting from here on. These pages are currently in cold-storage, as relics of fandom past.