Hello and welcome to Copy Cat, my fansite to the legendary phantom Pokémon Mew and its super-powered clone, Mewtwo. It's been online since summer of 2001 and features information about the games, anime, other official media, and fanstuff galore. If you need an introduction to the characters, start here. Enjoy your stay!

Site Updates

  • I just realized something about the Dragonite from Mewtwo Strikes Back and suddenly just wrote an entire essay of my thoughts about it.
  • I noticed that I never actually put 4Kids DVD Commentary transcript back online after I revamped the site a few years ago. Whoops. I've posted it again; the formatting is still rough for now, but it is at least available again, and I will slowly be tidying it up.

  • Hi all! I just wanted to put a note here that I am indeed alive, and have slowly been working on a few pages that I am looking forward to sharing here, but they have not reached their conclusions yet. I am not sure how much longer they will take to write, but I just felt bad seeing such an old date on the top of the page here, yikes!

Old Updates