Hello and welcome to Copy Cat, my fansite to the legendary phantom Pokémon Mew and its super-powered clone, Mewtwo. It's been online since summer of 2001 and features information about the games, anime, other official media, and fanstuff galore. If you need an introduction to the characters, start here. Enjoy your stay!

Site Updates

  • Happy Birthday to Mewtwo!
  • Thanks to Sanxc and Lizzar, Copy Cat is now hosting the scans of two Japanese books full of images and commentary about Mewtwo Strikes Back. They are the Daizenshu ("Great Complete Collection") and This is Animation books. Thanks again!
  • I've also added a transcript of an interview with the Japanese director and producer of Mewtwo Strikes Back.

  • Continuing on the project of improving the navigation through all the pages of the site, Rosy and I have tackled the Shadow Balls section next. Now you can get to all the pages for anime & more through one navigation page.
  • As part of that, we've written a new introduction page for all the different prequels for Mewtwo Strikes Back and their history.
  • We've also updated the Mewtwo Strikes Back versions page with more information about Mewtwo's Origin as it appears on different DVDs.
  • There's a new page featuring both the original Japanese and a scanlation of Ono's Mewtwo Strikes Back prequel manga (thanks Megan!)
  • There are some tweaks towards helping the site be more readable on vertical mobile screens.

  • I made some updates to the discussion of Mew as a cryptid, including some new references to Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution, Pokémon Snap, The Birth of Mewtwo, and Pokémon Go.
  • Rosy and I are working on reorganizing the site a bit, with the goal being to make it easier for people to find and access all the content. As it is right now, the site is a bit of an old-web maze; you have to happen to click a random link inside another page to find a whole new area of content you might not have had any clue was there - and good luck finding it again later. Also, the navigation bar depends on opening the menus, which might not work well with different sizes of mobile screens. So far, we've reorganized the Legends section to start with a clear tree of what pages are available.
  • As part of that, we've dusted off the Vital Statistics pages for Mew and Mewtwo, and the How to Catch page for Mewtwo to have some of the latest info through Generation VIII.
  • Rosy made me a new Master Ball icon that uses the same exact color palette and a flat-color style that matches the rest of the current layout. Nice!

Old Updates