Hello and welcome to Copy Cat, my fansite to the legendary phantom Pokémon Mew and its super-powered clone, Mewtwo. It's been online since summer of 2001 and features information about the games, anime, other official media, and fanstuff galore. If you need an introduction to the characters, start here. Enjoy your stay!

Site Updates

  • I've added some details regarding the Turkish dub to the Viking-related dub edits and Voice Actors page thanks to Ali Rıza. I've also added a mention that Mewtwo's Japanese voice actor, Masachika Ichimura, also voiced the character of Red XIII. (Thanks Matsutzu!)
  • I've updated my email address on the contact page to my new main address. While I still will check the old one, I don't do so very often any more, so I had some nice emails that I didn't know where there waiting for me to read! So, if you sent me a message recently, I didn't see it before and I am sorry for taking long to answer! And now, I'll just direct everyone to my main email address (like I should have ages ago).

  • Hi folks! It's been a long time since my last update, but that is in part because I was making lots of new things all the same time, and not managing to bring any of them to a state where I was ready to share them. Now I have wrapped up a bunch of things up all at once, so there's a ton of new content for you!
  • I've gone through the links page, unfortunately removing some dead links, but also adding a link to Dogasu's Backpack and to Drift Away.
  • Some time ago, I split the discussion of the trailers and tie-ins for The First Movie to a separate page, since it had gotten a bit long-winded to be all on the top level page for The First Movie.
  • I finished the nice formatting on the 4Kids Commentary Transcript! Yay! Someday I will also finish the nice formatting for the Script Comparison page, eheheh...
  • I've also split apart the Cultural Differences page, as I've realized it doesn't really make sense to have it be an overarching page, when the meat of the discussion focuses on specific instances of Mewtwo's appearances. So, I've renamed the section Dub Edits and created a new set of pages specifically focusing on the The First Movie (including the Mewtwo's Origin segment). I've also done a major rewrite of that page: it was pretty old, and used to be a quick bulleted list; I've since learned a lot more and had a ton more thoughts about the differences, so I have elaborated on each topic in the form of paragraphs across several pages. There are a few points I have left to elaborate on, but I will get to those later.
  • Apart from all that discussion of what 4Kids in particular did to The First Movie, I've started a new page in the First Movie section for discussing some of the versions of this movie that exist. Just some.
  • I updated the page about the The Armored Episodes, thanks to information learned from Dogasu's Backpack.
  • There's also a huge new discussion regarding Mew's Design. I get to talk about developmental biology, the history of the theory of evolution, cats, mice, alchemy, phylogenetic trees, not-actually-extinct giant flying squirrels and chinchilla rats, the ecology of Guyana, axolotls, naked mole rats, Ernest Haeckel, coelacanths, domesticated foxes, and more. I already know of a few other topics I would want to add to this, but that's enough to be able to share. It was very fun to write, and I hope you enjoy reading it!
  • Apparently, there's going to be a remake of Mewtwo Strikes Back. While I could see some potential in clearing up a lot of weirdness of The First Movie: remerging the story of Mewtwo's Origin and The Birth of Mewtwo, getting rid of the awful CG, giving the Pokémon Company a chance to rectify the awful 4Kids dub... but this is my ideal, and the remake will probably do completely different things, and I don't actually have high hopes that they won't completely blow it. The emphasis on redoing it all in CG is already not a good sign. Ah well. I'm sure I'll have more to say about this in like ten years. First though, the series I have been writing with Rosy on Staircase Spirit about our thoughts on the Pokémon movies is approaching talking about the Lucario movie, so, for everyone who's asked me about my thoughts regarding that in the last almost-fifteen years, you might be getting an answer on that soon...

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