Hello and welcome to Copy Cat, my fansite to the legendary phantom Pokémon Mew and its super-powered clone, Mewtwo. It's been online since summer of 2001 and features information about the games, anime, other official media, and fanstuff galore. If you need an introduction to the characters, start here. Enjoy your stay!

Site Updates

  • Breaking News! Philip Bartlett, Mewtwo's first English voice actor, isn't dead! Mere days after I finished writing about how he died, he came back from the grave! I suppose I should go write about more dead people now...

  • A new page has been posted about the voice actors of Mew and Mewtwo. Some time ago, Ana of Passa Aí O Micro created and sent me a voice reel of several of Mewtwo's voice actors in different languages, and it spawned this whole page discussing Mew and Mewtwo's voices and other roles that the actors have played.

  • Holy CSS, Batman! Check out this beautiful new layout. Much much thanks to Rosy for helping me with it! The site now does everything I had wanted it to do back in 2007 and more! I've also drawn a new logo image for the site, as well as the city along the top.
  • This revamp has been in-progress since December 2012, and actually had nothing to do with all the important Mewtwo-y stuff that was happening in the interim: the sudden influx of new Mewtwo cards and merchandise, the new movie that shall not be named, Pokémon X and Y and its Mega-Evolutions, or any of that insanity. Nope, the site was just overdue for an overhaul and I picked an odd time to do it, hah! (Actually, it is a little ironic that I went with a post-Mewtwo-Returns theme considering recent events, but let's not go there right now...)
  • I have a lot of big new pages in the works that I was hoping to unveil with the fully tidied-up site, but this update has taken long enough, so let me get the new layout live and you should be seeing the new pages soon... well, hopefully before another year passes, eep! As for the pages that I haven't quite finished updating yet, you might be directed to the old site for a time, until I get that caught up. Apologies! If there is anything from the old site you were looking for, it has all been temporarily archived here. Also, Rosy and I have both been starting to feel like the layout needs yet another revamp... Er, but let's get this version live first before I even consider doing that!
  • There are some new introductory pages, including one introducing you to the concept of Mew and Mewtwo
  • The old All About Mew and Mewtwo pages have been revamped to be the new Vital Statistics pages.
  • The How to Catch Page has been revamped, with so much new info that it had to be split into two separate pages for Mew and Mewtwo! Before this revamp, a lot of those blurbs were written when those older Generations were new, so they were due for an update, eep. While nothing was inaccurate, I think I now better explain the significance of what was going on at the time, which might be less obvious to newer Pokémon fans (or my fellow old fogeys who have forgotten, eheh). I've also put down some information on how to catch the psychic cats in Generation VI, but I am sure that part will need more fleshing out later too.
  • By the way, I had a lot of fun with the new selection animations for pages that are split into a separate Mew page and Mewtwo page, teehee.
  • The Card Gallery has been updated, with several new cards added. The Ancient Mew page has also been tidied up.
  • I've started tidying up the Official Music section, and in the process, I have added the Hoenn PokéRap, which believe it or not, mentions Mew.

Old Updates