Hello and welcome to Copy Cat, my fansite to the legendary phantom Pokémon Mew and its super-powered clone, Mewtwo. It's been online since summer of 2001 and features information about the games, anime, other official media, and fanstuff galore. If you need an introduction to the characters, start here. Enjoy your stay!

Site Updates

  • Happy New Year!
  • I've updated the Mewtwo's Origin: Introduction page to provide more speculation about when, how, and why the 4Kids' dub of Mewtwo's Origin was created and then cut.

  • Rosy and I have renamed the non-canon fandom-y section as "Mad Science" and the Site section as "Psychic Powers" and put all relevant content under each. And now our revamp of the navigation is complete!
  • I've also added some information regarding how the Finnish dub localized that line in Mewtwo Strikes Back about the Vikings.

  • As part of our ongoing endeavor to make Copy Cat easier to navigate, Rosy and I have next revamped the Memories section. It now contains cross-posted links to all screenshot galleries, scans, and transcripts that are in various places throughout the site, gathered together to make it easier to find things. The Memories section is also home to content related to Pokémon Cards and other side material, like Mewtwo is Watching You. That's because we're not sure where else to put them for now, eheh...

  • This past summer, Copy Cat became 20 years old. Wow! And I still have a lot more to say about Mewtwo Strikes Back that I haven't written yet. XD
  • A few small updates have been made to the Voice Actors page.
  • I have started adding a bunch of the new Pokémon cards for Mewtwo that have been released in the past five years since the last time I really focused on that page. I still have more to add, and also for Mew, but it's in progress.
  • I've added a page about Mewtwo is Watching You, thanks to Robo-Shark!

Old Updates