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This site was created as a combined effort by Denise and dubiousdisc (aka Rosy). We already wrote the full story of how we started playing Agarest: Generations of War in the introduction, but the shorter story for this page is that we were playing it together and were having so many discussions and ideas about the game, how it was marketed, the plot, the characters, and the overall world, that we decided to make a fansite about Agarest as a whole. We started building this site in November 2014, but, between one thing and another, we were only ready to open it in December 2017. We're fast. In any case, we intend to keep building it as we continue playing and thinking about the game, and we're pretty sure that the site will eventually be expanded to cover Agarest Zero and Agarest 2.

We joked that we could call the site Memento Mori since one of the most notable things about Agarest is that about half the cast is going to die during the course of the game, heh. But then, we decided to stick with the name because, looking even with a serious eye, it is fitting. The main protagonists and their love interests all know they are doomed to soon die, and they each respond differently to this knowledge. None of them can forget their destiny; even if they manage a brief moment of distraction or wishful thinking, Dyshana is always quick to remind them of their fate...

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To contact us, please send an email at this address (it's actually Rosy's address, but both of us will read and reply):

We are looking forward to your mail! However, we must let you know - if you want to let us know that some information we have is incorrect because of something in Zero or 2, we must beg you: please, no spoilers! We haven't played those games yet. We'll go back and revise everything we have in this site as we play the other games of the series. Let us go through them as unspoiled as we can!

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