Agarest: Generations of War - Soundtrack

Japanese Soundtrack Cover
Ellis listening to music together with her younger self. Somehow.

The soundtrack of Agarest: Generations of War was composed by Kenji Kaneko, who also wrote the score for the rest of the Agarest series and other games by Idea Factory (for a full list of his works, see here), and it was arranged by Ayako Saso. In our opinion, the music of Agarest ranges from pretty forgettable to absolutely awesome - pretty forgettable when it's shop music, but absolutely awesome when it's battle themes. Luckily, this means that the best pieces of the soundtrack are in the foreground of the game, and that you'll get to listen to them a lot, and that you'll get to appreciate them a lot whenever they pop up. All in all, we think that the soundtrack of Agarest: Generations of War has more good than bad, and that the good is so, so good, that it almost doesn't matter when it's bad (except for that annoying town music with the sexophone).

The original soundtrack of the game had three separate releases, and here it's where it gets complicated. One release was in Japan, in the form of a standalone CD box with two discs, published by SuperSweep. Another release was in the US, as part of the The Really Naughty Limited Edition for the Xbox 360 (yes, that is indeed the actual name of the thing), in the form of a CD with protective sleeve. This, however, is NOT the full soundtrack. It is instead a selection of 26 out of the 54 tracks that make the full soundtrack, presumably so that it would be just one disc instead of two. A third worldwide release was in digital download form, as part of the Premium Edition Steam release, which is at this point the only one that can be purchased easily. However, for some mysterious reason that we cannot possibly understand, this digital version, unfettered by physical media, instead offers the smallest selection of all, with just 25 tracks (but, no, it is not the sexophone that gets the axe, alas).

So, the only way to get the full Agarest: Generations of War soundtrack is to buy the two-CD Japanese version, which at this point is a pretty rare item. Thankfully, a kind soul uploaded the full soundtrack on Youtube, and, as of this writing, you can listen to the full Agarest: Generations of War soundtrack here.

This said, the purpose of this page is not to offer the Agarest soundtrack for download, but rather to clarify the situation with the different releases and offer the track lists of these editions, together with pictures of how they look like. Currently, the only edition of the soundtrack we own is the Steam one; the other pictures were uploaded by other people in other places, and we just put them all together.

Wow. Not even the fucking soundtrack page can be straightforward with this game.

Agarest Senki Original Soundtrack

This is the Japan-exclusive two-CD set, and the only edition to contain the complete soundtrack to the game. It features new illustrations by Hirano Katsuyuki, who made the rest of the Agarest character art. The tracklist was taken from the RPGFan review of the album, which also offers a few samples for listening.

Agarest Senki Original Soundtrack
Ellis hugging herself. How does this sort of thing keep happening?
Agarest Senki Original Soundtrack
The back of the box, with the tracklist (including Japanese track titles).
Agarest Senki Original Soundtrack
The full CD case.

Disc one

  1. Agarest War Suite
  2. Awakening
  3. Choose The Way
  4. An Adventure Story
  5. Wild Life
  6. City Life
  7. King Of Terrors
  8. Password
  9. The 1st Generation Theme
  10. The 2nd Generation Theme
  11. The 3rd Generation Theme
  12. The 4th Generation Theme
  13. The 5th Generation Theme
  14. Breeze Of Time
  15. The Hunt
  16. Pantheon
  17. View Of Valley
  18. Under The Delusion
  19. Don't Wait For Me
  20. Shall I Help?
  21. In Your Face?
  22. Minor Event
  23. Faster Chase
  24. The End Dew
  25. The Priest
  26. Final Chase
  27. The Earth Memories

Disc two

  1. The Grand Chance
  2. With Light Steps
  3. Wheel Of Fortune
  4. The Eye
  5. Main Event
  6. Sub-Event
  7. Face The Truth
  8. Never Surrender
  9. Illusions
  10. Sword Chase
  11. Youthful season
  12. 7th Ave.
  13. The Oracle
  14. On Your Mind
  15. From The Depths
  16. The Great Victory
  17. Visionary
  18. Lost Faith
  19. Game Over
  20. Tension And Anger
  21. Calm Forest
  22. Tears In My Eyes
  23. Astron
  24. Our Future
  25. Truth Chase
  26. New Eternity Day
  27. Record of Agarest War Arrange Version

Record of Agarest War Original Soundtrack CD

This is the disc that came in the US with The Really Naughty Limited Edition for the Xbox 360. The Steam release of the soundtrack is known as the Agarest: Generations of War Original Soundtrack and is identical to this one, except for the lack of track #26 (possibly because of the title).

Record of Agarest War Original Soundtrack CD (Xbox 360)
How classy. Yet, it could be even naughtier if the hole were elsewhere. Thankfully, that's not the case.
Agarest: Generations of War Original Soundtrack (Steam)
The Steam version of the cover art.
  1. Agarest War Suite2:33
  2. Awakening1:21
  3. The 1st Generation Theme1:40
  4. An Adventure Story2:09
  5. Don't Wait For Me1:32
  6. Pantheon2:06
  7. With Light Steps1:40
  8. The Eye1:14
  9. 7th Ave.1:44
  10. Breeze Of Time2:07
  11. Choose The Way2:16
  12. Wild Life1:56
  13. The Priest1:27
  14. Main Event1:29
  15. From The Depths2:27
  16. Password1:49
  17. Tension And Anger1:14
  18. Wheel Of Fortune2:30
  19. Visionary1:49
  20. The Hunt1:48
  21. City Life1:25
  22. Shall I Help?1:07
  23. The Oracle2:36
  24. Calm Forest1:32
  25. The Earth Memories1:11
  26. Xxxplosion1:51