Agarest: Generations of War - Character art

High-resolution, transparent-background versions of Hirano Katsuyuki's character artwork for Agarest: Generations of War. We extracted them and cleaned them up from the Heroines Visual Book scans.

Note that in some cases the artwork was partially obscured by other pictures on the page and we had to reconstruct those hidden parts manually, using other pictures as guidelines. For example, we had to redraw part of the sleeves on Dyshana, Vira-Lorr and Reverie, a lot of Murmina's left wing, and pretty much half of Leonhardt's sword.

Some of these artworks are in a lower resolution because of the original pictures being smaller on the page (see Zerva and Winfield, for example). They're still pretty big, but nevertheless, if you have more satisfactory versions of this artwork, don't hesitate to send them our way.