Record of Agarest War Heroines Visual Book scans

Record of Agarest War Heroines Visual Book

The Record of Agarest War Heroines Visual Book (ISBN 9784797355475), published in 2009 by SoftBank Creative, is a collection of character art and other illustrations made by Hirano Katsuyuki for Agarest: Generations of War and Agarest: Generations of War Zero. The book is A4 format and 159 pages long, with Japanese text. It's a relatively rare item at this point, so we have decided to scan our own copy for reference. The book is divided in two sections containing the character art for Agarest and Agarest Zero, but then at the end there's a section of illustrations for both games, so if you're looking specifically for illustrations for the first game: keep scrolling, there's more at the end.

All these scans are unedited except for being cropped to the actual page's size. The book also includes a large, folded poster that can be ripped out, but we haven't scanned that because we didn't want to damage the book too much and because it's too big for the scanner (and, to be honest, because the next time we see those pictures it will be too soon); someone else seems to have scanned that, though, so you can view the pictures here and here (front and back). EXTREMELY NSFW, in case you hadn't guessed.

Status: Incomplete - We're scanning the rest of the book. Please bear with us.