Winfield - Agarest: Generations of War

26 in the first generation, 51 in the second, 80 in the third, 98 in the fourth, 117 in the fifth
181 cm
Voice actor:
Masayuki Katō


An outlaw with a strong desire to gain power. His actions may be excessive but he has a strong sense of justice. He can't leave the scene of mistreatment and people who need help. He meets Leonhardt during his quest for revenge and decides to join up with him. The Gridamas's invasion took the lives of his family and his loved one which made him vow revenge and head to Erin where the forbidden power rests. The Bracelet of the Covenant, was sealed here. The Bracelet of the Covenant was believed to provide absolute power to the one who wears it. It was also believed to be a key for awakening evil. He broke the seal and obtained the Bracelet even though he knew about the possible consequences. His actions led to Summerill regaining his power once again. After obtaining the Bracelet, he gained great power but was cursed by the Curse of Wedge. His power became immortal but his body suffered hellish pain whenever he used his power. The curse of Summerill will eventually turn him into a monster. He's told by Dyshana that the only way to break this curse is to replace the seal on Summerill or break the Bracelet of the Covenant and repent what he's done. He decides to fight against Summerill to break his curse.