Vira-Lorr - Agarest: Generations of War

214 in the first generation, 239 in the second, 268 in the third, 286 in the fourth, 305 in the fifth
163 cm
Voice actor:
Michie Tomizawa


A female Oneltes. She's a maverick so she doesn't hide the third eye on her forehead. She normally stays deep in the Frontier, but many people visit her to hear her predictions. Even some of the governing class of Gridamas and Rigulus invite her in confidence. There was even a rumor that the Gridamas's invation of Frontier was to gain her power. She meets Leonhardt at Elfville for the first time which she predicted with her vision. Her power of prediction faded away at one point, and the only thing she could see was Leonhardt whenever she tried to predict. That drew her attention and she decided to follow Leonhardt since she feels he may influence the future in some way. She could be a victim of an Oneltes hunt any time because of her visions and distinct third eye, but she doesn't mind a bit. She seems to have suicidal tendencies at first but her reckless behaviour doesn't mean she takes death lightly. She wants to be herself, and that is her only wish.