Qua - Agarest: Generations of War

16 in the fourth generation, 35 in the fifth
155 cm
Voice actor:
Ayaka Ochi


A long-lived Neocolom who was born in the Tran Hills spread in front of Tenedos. She claims to be an enforcer of the Tenedos City of Freedom, causing trouble. She attacks anything that she thinks is suspicious (based on her arbitrary judgment). The reason she tries to protect Tenedos is that she was once saved by the people of the city when she was attacked by orcs and goblins and wants to return the favor. However, it's turned out to be pretty fruitless so far. When Duran came to Tenedos, she tried to attack him and she ended up being attacked by Orcs. After being helped by Duran, she decides to join him. People of Tenedos felt relief when she left the city but then again feel kind of lonely, too. For better or for worse, she is kind of like a city mascot.