Luana - Agarest: Generations of War

157 cm
Voice actor:
Ryouko Shintani


One of the three females chosen by Dyshana during the first generation. She grows up in a small village in the Frontier but becomes orphaned after Gridamas' invasion. Since then, she develops a strong feeling towards Gridamas that's worse than hate. However, she doesn't let that feeling show at all and tries her best to act cheerfully. Since she was left as an orphan, she grows up in Rigulus and pretends to be a traveling entertainer to gather information about Gridamas to aid her vengeance. As she meets many people on her journey she begins to wonder if revenge is the right answer. Around the same time, she meets Leonhardt and asks him if she can come along. She's like an idol in Lucrellia and people gather just to see her. Her performance skill is as good as her looks. She's liked by many people as she takes good care of others no matter who the person is.

Our thoughts


We really wish we'd gotten to see more about Luana's character. There's a few bits about her that never quite go anywhere. She mentions she's an orphan, but that's only once. She mentions she had a sad childhood, but she never says any more than that. She's a super spy, but we never really see her in action beyond what transpires in the conversation with King Gunther about her.

She's got the thing that she dresses like a weird gothic lolita maid and fully expects people to underestimate her for that, and it's intentional. However, she gets disappointed if Leo falls for that - she expected him to be better than that.

  1. Leonhardt

    Given your manner of, ah, dress, you can hardly blame people for thinking you cannot cook, but I was not surprised.

  2. Luana

    I see... Then you are the sort to judge a book by its cover?

  3. Leonhardt

    No, I did not mean--

  4. Luana

    Oh never you mind. I’ve long since given up being bothered by that sort of thing. Besides, there are certain things that come easier when one looks like this. No asking what.

  5. Leonhardt

    Of course not. I promise.

  6. Luana

    Well, I think we have discussed that subject enough for one day!

  7. Leonhardt


The first time we played, we didn't see almost anything of her, and we just encountered her and she came in the party, and King Gunther was like, take her with you, and we were like, what? We don't like her. The second time, we learned better who she was, and we liked her, but even with seeing 100% of her content, there wasn't enough.

The first time, she seemed annoying with her seemingly random gothic lolita outfit and her whole thing of "ooh, I'm sooo cute", but now we know it's an act, so that's more interesting. But still, it's like her character has been all thought out, but half of it is not actually in the game. There's nothing about her that is contradictory, but it's like they forgot to put more of who she is into the story.

We guess part of it is, she's a private person, and she's very good at understanding the mood of the room and not disrupting it. The times when the topic of discussion did stray toward her unhappy past, she said something dismissive and turned the conversation around. So, despite giving the impression that she is an open-book airhead floozy, she is actually exactly the opposite.

  1. Luana

    Why the long face? Oh, you are thinking of something unpleasant, aren’t you? We simply cannot have that! You’ve a beautiful girl at your side! You should be thinking of happy things.

And I guess the game does a pretty good job of, if you don't have the opportunity or don't do the right things to catch a glimpse of who she really is, you will indeed never learn, and take her act at face value.

We just wish we could have known better who she actually is underneath the act, more than the glimpse we get. We wonder why she would even go along with marrying Leo in the end. Even if you have the maximum events involving her and have her love level at the maximum, the most we ever see of her is that she gave this glimpse to Leo. Maybe she believes that he does care, and she thinks she could be more of herself with him, but, in actuality, they never get the opportunity... because, right after getting married, they die. :(