Leonhardt - Agarest: Generations of War

Leonhardt (aka Leo)
182 cm
Voice actor:
Takashi Kondō


An impoverished aristocrat who currently serves as an assistant official of the Gridamas Frontier garrison. He's called 'Leo' by his friends and is also known as Golden Leo because of the way he fights with his golden sword in battle. He's the leader of the 11th Regiment who fights at the front line at all time and gains respect from soldiers for this reason. However, he's not favored by the aristocrats who lead other garrisons. His status of being an impoverished aristocrat undermines his relationship with them and that's why he's constantly delegated the most dangerous missions. The reason he became an impoverished aristocrat was due to the dark plot of Braham and House Klavis which is known by many people including Leonhardt. He follows his father's will not to pursue revenge because that'll cause uproar in the country, and instead dutifully accepts the stigma attached to his name. He aims to gain distinguishment on the battlefield so he can rebuild his house, but he begins to question the purpose of the battle. The only things his vision as a warrior and a human being could see were unilateral destruction and massacre. This devastating sight made him discard his path of knight and the order of his country to save an elf girl. Unfortunately, he suffers fatal injuries in the battle against Melchior and his ally, the Dark Knight. With his last gasp, he makes a vow to Dyshana to be the Spirit Vessel which carries through to later generations. It's the contract of spirit that can't be avoided. Leonhardt gains extraordinary power from it and the power saves Ellis... and later ends the war in Lucrellia.