Lavinia - Agarest: Generations of War

Half Dark Elf, half High Elf
171 cm
Voice actor:
Yurie Koishi


One of the three females chosen by Dyshana during the third generation. The elder sister of Faina whose father is a high elf and mother is a dark elf. Unlike her sister Faina, she looks more like a dark elf. Some heartless elves call her the Half Elf. Her ability is equal to or may even exceed her fathers. She often uses her power against anyone who denigrates her mother. She learns to control her power as she grows up, but she's still seen as a threat by some elves and is told to leave the village by her father. After she leaves, she begins to travel around and meets Thoma who needs a guide to Elfville. Lavinia refuses to take him to the village at first but ends up taking him because of Thoma's persistent persuasion. She has an unyielding personality and her behavior can be a bit rough, but it's her own way to protect herself from others. She'd rather refuse others than be refused because she's afraid of being hurt again.