Ladius - Agarest: Generations of War

Ladifour "Ladius" von Busser
Human or Mixed-Race
188 cm
Voice actor:
Kazuma Horie


The main character of the second generation, Ladius (also known as Ladifour) grows up as a foster son of House Busser after he moves to Graccea and meets Howell Von Busser. Because Howell doesn’t have any children, Ladius is chosen as his heir. But Ladius refuses this offer, as he feels that he was born to be the Spirit Vessel and his fate is already set. However, the death of Howell triggers in-fighting within Grugund. Ladius decides to succeed Howell's title in order to prevent the eruption of a civil war. The nascent war calms down at first, but takes a different direction when Ladius is given an order to subdue some bandits. After he puts down the bandits, Ladius is then charged with plotting rebellion together with the bandits. Not allowed a chance to explain his actions, he decides to flee to the neighbouring country Fensarril, after being surrounded by an army. Thus, the war spreads through Graccea due to Grugund’s in-fighting. The dark force was behind this threat, and in response Ladius throws himself into the battle to accomplish his mission. Like Howell, Ladius is a solemn soldier lacking in flexibility, who overcomes his weakness with his diligence. He’s not a genius like his father, but the type of man who develops as he lives and learns.