Fyuria - Agarest: Generations of War

175 cm
Voice actor:
Rumi Shishido


One of the three women chosen by Dyshana in the first generation. Fyuria is Zerva's sister. She used to live in Hovos, which is now Zelzagun Fort. After the loss of her parents and friends during the Gridamas's invasion of Hovos, Fyuria swears revenge and fights against them with Zerva and the other survivors. However, they lose the fight, and she becomes separated from her brother. She tries to hide in Mimas, but encounters Gridamas's troops when Leonhardt saves her life. Fyuria dislikes Leonhardt at first because she holds all humans responsible for the persecution of her people, but she gradually opens up to him as she witnesses him risk his life to help those in need. She often gives the impression of being cold and aloof, but she's actually pretending to be strong, trying to support herself.

Our thoughts


Whoa there, tsundere. That's Fyuria in a nutshell.

To be fair, all these strangers come to her burning town, butt into her business, and then tell her what to do for a while. There's a weird goddess and a human and a high elf and a larva and a oneltes, and they all arrive and decide to help her and are all, come with us if you want to live. Of course she's not too enthused about this. Who the hell are they? And she knows that one of them used to be the general of the oppressors, no less. Why should she trust them?

CG 104
She's barely scratched, for crying out loud!

Fyuria's first reaction to this is to be all, "leave me alone, I was doing just fine by myself!". And the party is all, "oh but we saved your life". While they probably did, considered that when they met her she was surrounded by soldiers... she never asked them to do anything. Yeah, leave her alone!

So we can understand Fyuria's fury at this point.

Fyuria's relationship with Leonhardt

Very quickly, however, she gets oddly possessive of Leo and lashes out at any other women that show up, because they may or may not have an interest in him. Including Ellis, who is a child. Jeez.

Fyuria is all better, says the narrator
Really, that's all?

But then, at some point, the plot just goes, she got better. Literally. An informative box pops out and the narrator says, she got better, and she's no longer nasty to everyone. What? It would have been interesting to actually see her get better, but this mostly happened off-screen. We just know that at one point she wasn't quite so bad anymore. Which is wonderful, but... it's a missed opportunity to show her character development.

When we first played the game, we missed the event where the narrator states that Fyuria got over her creepy possessiveness, so we never knew that had apparently happened. Our impression was that her relationship with Leo was super unhealthy, and we avoided dating her like the plague. It eventually turns out that her relationship with him is not so bad. If you do get all the events, we can see their relationship working out. She still needs to mature a lot, and Leo is Leo, but, yeah, it's at least not totally unsavory.

Fyuria's relationship with Zerva

We'd be interested to learn more about her relationship with her brother Zerva, too. We know that she hasn't seen him in a long time, and that Zerva is the very much older brother, to the point of being already an adult when she was a child. Fyuria definitely was excited at the prospect of meeting up with him again, but we don't really see them interact much on screen, which is a bit disappointing. In fact, the only things we really have to draw upon to understand their relationship are:

  1. When the party learns that there is a syrium chieftain fighting in Zelzagun Fortress, this description is enough to make Fyuria realize that it is Zerva:
    1. Orderly Man

      It would seem they have found allies in some skilled mercenaries. Their leader, a young syrium, is easily angered, but they seem to have confidence in his strength.

    2. Fyuria

      ... (It can’t be... Brother?!)

    That's hilarious. She hears there's an angry syrium leading a rebellion, and she knows it's Zerva. Even as apart as they've been, she must remember well that nobody rages like her brother.

  2. Her conversation with Leo about Zerva - which is optional, and which you can only hear if you explore the right branch:
    1. Leonhardt

      Were you not a child once yourself, Fyuria?

    2. Fyuria

      What, do you think that I was born looking as I do?

    3. Leonhardt

      Well, I suppose not. I just find it difficult to imagine Zerva as a child.

    4. Fyuria

      Of course he was... I think...

    5. Leonhardt

      You think?

    6. Fyuria

      As far back as I can remember, he has looked the same. Perhaps we age as quickly as humans do.

    7. Leonhardt

      Perhaps... How old is Zerva now?

    8. Fyuria

      Zerva... If memory serves, he is one hundred and sixty-six, nearly twice my age.

    This branch of the conversation, where Leo asks about Zerva, is the one that Fyuria seems to appreciate the most. While the other dialogue options involve Leo asking more directly about Fyuria and don't quite go so well, in contrast, she is very happy to be thinking back on growing up with Zerva and to be discussing her older brother with Leo.

  3. When Zerva confronts Winfield, who wants to peep on all the women bathing, including Fyuria. Zerva ends up following Winfield to keep an eye on him. Zerva never states it outright, but it's implied that one of the main reasons why he's following him is because his sister is there.
    1. Zerva

      I see you are once again up to no good. Very well. I shall use this opportunity to expose your evil ways.

  4. Before Leonhardt is forced to go to the pillar, Zerva smiles for the first time in the entire game, and lets Leo and Fyuria know that, no matter what will happen to either of them, he'll stick around to raise the child. Also note how Zerva is able to understand Fyuria's request without her needing to use any words at all:
    1. Fyuria


    2. Zerva

      I know. Leonhardt, I am indebted to you. I shall make it up to you, one day.

  5. We also noticed that both Fyuria and Zerva use similar turns of phrases. Most notably, Fyuria at one point says "You have made your bed. Now you must sleep in it". During the second generation, Zerva can be heard saying the very same phrase. However, that's when Fyuria is no longer around.

We get to see so little of them interacting, and they obviously do care about each other. Zerva cared enough to follow through on Fyuria's request to take care of not only Leo's child, but also all of his descendants. It's later also implied that part of his involvement with the party is to learn what happened to Fyuria after she met up with Leo at the pillar. He obviously cared a lot about his sister. Why do we never get to see their interactions happen while they're both there?

Fyuria's outfit

Also, can we talk about her clothing? I guess Zerva went for completely clad in leather, and Fyuria went for completely naked in leather. With an X over the crotch, as if to say, "omg don't look!". Look at what? She's already naked!

Although, for a costume in which she's essentially naked, we have to say that the result looks less gross than it could have been. We think it's because of how she was posed in the artwork. Fyuria doesn't look like she's ashamed to be dressed like that. She's got attitude. She's about to put her hands on her two scary daggers and cut your face off. She's essentially naked with gloves and boots, but she's rocking that outfit. (Though, that zipper between her breasts gives us pain just to look at it).