Elaine - Agarest: Generations of War

Elaine Rubech
166 cm
Voice actor:
Wakana Shimizu


One of the three females chosen by Dyshana during the first generation. She was engaged to Leonhardt until her family were destroyed. Leonhardt doesn't know about this and he hardly sees her. The truth is the engagement was made between their parents. She was born as a daughter of the gentle House Rubech, and grew up under the supervision of her strict father and her brilliant tutors. She later on developed a blessed talent and after two years of in-service training and receiving the honor of knight she became the assistant chief officer. It was an acceptable promotion for people who knew her abilities, but was rather unusual in the male-dominated knight society. The decision was probably influenced by her family status and pedigree. Although it was her decision to join the army to try to live up to her father's expectation, she's actually pure hearted and doesn't like war. She even tried to stop the invasion of the Frontier until the end. She suffered greatly because she was unable to do anything about it. In light of this situation, she hears a rumor about Leonhardt and decides to fight with him. She's been proposed to by Melchior another eligible gentlemen, but her heart belongs to Leonhardt. She's a romantic person and she develops a strong feeling for Leonhardt even though she barely knows him.

Our thoughts


Elaine was arranged to marry Leo since they were children, and then the arrangement was called off when Leo's father got disgraced. However, as children, they did meet and they did play together, and Elaine had a total little kid crush on Leo. She saw him as her knight in shining armor who saved her from a horrible monster (note: he was just playing with his dog). She really would want a relationship with him, despite everything that happened. And certainly doesn't want to end up with MELCHIOR, god.

Out of the three heroines of the first generation, she is the one who most chooses to have a relationship with Leo. With Fyuria, the party bumps into her, and kinda had to force her along half of the time, and she had that weird tsundere unhealthiness going on. Luana was being all spy on Leo, so she was going through the motions while not even really being genuine in the beginning, but then they became genuine. Elaine, instead, actually set out to save Leo, since she was in the politics room with the villains and knew what would happen. She had an established past with Leo, and an established relationship; she knew him already. So, actually, we can feel the most good about this relationship.

We can commend this game for the scene in which Elaine is the only woman in the room full of disgusting politician men, and she's trying to make her argument while all they can talk about is how hot she is, and go play with your dollies. This is portrayed in a way that's so realistic that it makes our blood boil. And the incredible restraint that she has to have to not spear anyone through the eye. Because she IS competent, she IS an established general, and all they can see is the tits, and shut up.

  1. Braham

    Elaine, this has been decided. Everyone here has already agreed on it. If we protest now, we will look like children, upset they did not get their way. If you are so set against fighting, go home. It would suit you better.

  2. Elaine

    Largen, will you say nothing?

  3. Largen


  4. Melchior

    Elaine, there is nothing left to discuss. From Pleuron onward, you will manage our supplies.

  5. Elaine

    Manage your supplies yourself, Melchior! I am a general as well. I fight for the honor of my family. Do not underestimate me because I happen to be a woman.

Elaine takes matters into her own hands and does what she thinks is right.

  1. Elaine

    Weren’t you once opposed to sending our armies into the Frontier?

  2. Largen

    Only when the land is united shall we have true power. There is no place for the feelings of the individual. Without pain and sacrifice, there can be no progress. A country is not built on good intentions.

  3. Elaine

    Is that the pain of Gridamas? Or that of the innocent people that live on the Frontier?

  4. Largen


  5. Elaine

    Wanting to live a good life and putting forth effort to achieve that is a wonderful thing. But how can it be right if that good life is built on the sacrifices of others? What of the elves and the syrium? Do they not deserve a good life as well?

They also accurately portrayed Elaine talking to her crush and getting horny, and this is something that isn't usually shown in media from the perspective of the woman. We see that with Elaine, and also framed in a way that's not like, oh this filthy pervert. It's shown as normal and good. And Leo is oblivious, which is frankly hilarious.

  1. Elaine

    You have not changed at all. You are still kind, thoughtful, muscular-- Wh-What am I saying...? O-Oh, yes. You wished to speak with me?

The first time around, we married Elaine because we thought Fyuria's relationship with Leo was unhealthy, and who even is Luana. Now, knowing all the characters, Elaine still has probably the most actual relationship with Leo. If they had gotten to live together and didn't die due to divine involvement, she'd be the one where we can most believe that it would work out in the future, as a long-term relationship. Leo's relationship with Fyuria might work, but her issues might also break everything. Luana may figure out that Leo really doesn't care that much, and she deserves better. But Elaine wants to have a relationship with Leo, knowing Leo, and is willing to make it work.

Also, unlike Fyuria or Luana, she has no jealousy for Leo over the other characters being there. Meeting him with the entire party formed, she has a moment of, and who are these people...?, but that's the most it ever gets. Fyuria actively tries to sabotage Luana in particular, Luana in return takes shots at Fyuria, and Elaine is just watching this unfold from afar all "D: I hope he still loves me, I hope it can be". But she does absolutely nothing hostile towards any of the other characters.

Elaine is great, and we like her a lot.