Beatrice - Agarest: Generations of War

169 cm
Voice actor:
Harumi Sakurai


The granddaughter of Alberti who, aside from Dyshana, is able to cross continents using the Eye of Guidance. After Alberti leaves Fendias, she recruits people to fight against the forces of darkness with her father, then moves to Aegisthus. She doesn't like to speak much, so she takes a hands-off approach when dealing with the troops. When she arrives in Aegisthus, she hands the army over to Rex and works on collecting information with her grandfather. Her skills with the sword are as fierce as her grandfather's, but her knowledge of magic is said to be even greater. She excels in solo and stealth missions, earning her the nickname Shadowless Death Carrier. She may appear uncouth at a glance, but she has a refined side to her as well. When hearing the story about Thoma saving Fendias and the legend of Leonhardt, Ladius, and Duran, she develops strong feelings for Rex and is not able to talk to him in private.