Arbol - Agarest: Generations of War

447 in the second generation, 476 in the third, 494 in the fourth, 513 in the fifth
345 cm
Voice actor:
Sō Yōki


A young ryulent who lived in the ancient forest to the south of Yamato, Arbol took Ladius and his allies (who were lost in the forest) back to the home of the ryulent. With Ladius's help, he stopped the Grugund army from setting fire to his forest. Arbol has followed Ladius ever since. Arbol's race has existed for as long as the high elves. The memories and knowledge of ancient times that ryulent carry through the generations can't be duplicated by others. Ryulent are living documents that can provide recollections of the era of God, long before the ryulent themselves were born from the Tree of Earth. Grown ryulent travel to find a place where they can eventually rest in peace as a tree. Many ryulent have made this journey in the past, but as a dying species, they are remembered only in folktales. One of the reasons Arbol follows Ladius is to find his own final resting place and become one with the earth.