Alberti - Agarest: Generations of War

20 in the third generation, 39 in the fourth, 59 in the fifth
172 cm
Voice actor:
Takuma Terashima (third generation), Yoshikazu Nagano (fourth and fifth generation)


(Third generation:) Alberti is former commander of the Royal Guard of Tlalocan. Though not blessed with the best warrior physique, Alberti's sword skills have earned him countless victories over many decorated soldiers. Alberti excels at close combat and prefers to use daggers, a weapon rarely used by soldiers. He effectively uses his size difference, closing in on his opponents and striking them down with his dagger. He's even earned the nickname "Death Dealer" because of his fast and flowing style. However, Alberti falls in love with Nastassja, the daughter of the Tlalocan consul, Midas. When he accidentally learns of Midas's association with the forces of darkness, Alberti is falsely accused and driven from his country. While seeking an opportunity to stop Midas, Alberti meets Thoma and decides to fight with him. Later on, the two fight together to protect Fendias. Alberti may act a tad hastily sometimes, but he's a polite man (as seen with his dealings on the battlefield--and with Nastassja!). His polite nature often lures people to underestimate him, which Alberti uses to his advantage. He's quite an astute person.

(Adult:) Having idolized Thoma as they fought together, Alberti became the guardian to Thoma's son Duran, eventually moving to Enhambre with him. Since the disruption of Fendias was concluded, Alberti could have taken life easy, but his warrior's blood wouldn't let him. As the years pass by, his skills with the sword improve rather than decline.