is a web playground where I make sites about, well, whatever I like. Essentially it's a repository for things I code and write and make for fun.

Have a look around!

Dark Claws a site about Sneasel
from Pokémon
since 2006; last updated march 2017.
complete - recommended read!
At the Gates of Death a site about the characters and universe
of Quake III: Arena
since 2012; last updated march 2015.
needs revamping, so probably come read it later when I'm done?
Anger a site about Malice
from Riviera: The Promised Land
since 2011; last updated january 2015.
I AM² a site about Ai
from Pokémon
since 2008; last updated october 2012.
in working condition; might be rewritten/redesigned in the future.
Rakkaholic a site about Mordecai
from Borderlands
since 2013; last updated january 2014.
in working condition; will be updated after I replay the whole thing.
Quinquennial Studios an AMV collective
(shared with Denise!)
since 2014; last updated november 2015.
watch the videos, then come back in 2020.
Toys for...uh... miscellanea, archived sites,
and web toys
since 2013; last updated october 2016.
have fun!

The person who makes these sites is known as dubiousdisc, pseudonym of Rosangela Ludovico. She is from Italy but currently lives in California with her wife. She is an artist and professional boob. All of her passions involve screaming.

Yes the artwork on top is mine! Here it is in full. It's an illustration featuring the main characters of my webcomic The Gifts of Darkness.

last updated march 2017 (minor fixes, a new site will be around soon!)